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Jet Box International Sees a 300% Increase in Customer Conversion Rate using Inbound Marketing Strategies from

Jet Box International has always focused on delivering quality shipping solutions to customers, but they lacked the tools to become the market leader even though they had many success stories. They also needed to improve their online efforts through a better content strategy and by creating a clear conversion path for visitors on their website. The CEO, Mrs. Paula Chong Kit, decided to search for a digital media agency to help them achieve their goal of becoming the market leader in their industry.

Case Study Highlights


increase in leads conversation rate.


increase in website traffic.


5X increase in fans and social capital



The Jet Box International Story

As an international shipping business, it was critical for Jet Box to attract a consistent volume of leads to support their monthly volume and revenue goals.  But as a small company, they did not yet have a methodology in place to grow their market share by promoting their business quality and success stories. The marketing team was using a variety of tools to attract a relatively small number of leads online. Further, they lacked analytical tools to develop a strategy based on performance of their current marketing activities.  They possessed a website but it was outdated and ineffective at converting leads into customers.

However, Jet Box believed that market forces were propelling them to reinvent themselves and seize opportunity. As plans unfolded, Co-Founder and CEO Paula Chong Kit sought a solution to solve their lead generation issues and to help successfully launch their new image. She turned to a new website and social media to tell her compelling business story. This is when Paula approached digital media agency to help develop an effective inbound marketing strategy.

 When told me they will double my lead conversions I wasn't sure what to expect. They promised and over delivered - they TRIPLED our leads conversion! is unmatched in quality and service. They immerse themselves in your business and hold your hand to success. Thanks guys!

 Paula Chong Kit,
CEO Jet Box International


The Jet Box International Plan

The team at quickly met the leading executives at Jet Box to develop an inbound marketing game plan. This plan had very simple goals

1. Build the Jet Box International Brand by telling the Jet Box story

2. Increase Website Traffic with a stunning website

3. Generate Leads with a social media strategy

4. Nurture Leads with helpful resources

5. Make sales - simplify and streamline


This bold plan called for a new Jet Box International Website ( and a social media strategy as the core of an inbound marketing strategy. also used Mailchimp as the engine behind an email marketing plan. Customer registration and explainer videos were also created to simplify the customer conversation process. Beautiful landing pages were deployed to captures leads from social campaigns. Finally, the content creation team built useful and helpful content to fuel their inbound marketing plan.


New Website:

Social Media Platforms:
Facebook, twitter, youtube, Linkedin


Measured Success, ROI, & a Continued Story

In just three months Jet Box saw 30% more customers added, what in the past took 10 years to accomplish, they did in 3 months. - This was INCREDIBLE! Click-through rates on all their email campaigns skyrocketed to over 20%. They also saw an increase of 600% of traffic to their site.

They've increased conversion to customer rate by 300% and are on track for over 30% increase in revenue this year. Implementing an inbound marketing strategy was also less costly than traditional marketing efforts, so they did all of this and saved money!

The Jet Box International story is an unfolding story, that shows what is possible when a CEO and a company are willing to embrace change and stay true to founding values.

About Jet Box International

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Jet Box International is a market leader in international shipping solutions, providing freight forwarding and courier services. They specialize in shipping from the US from major retail brands. Known as the quality leaders in this field, they have built a strong worldwide community with over 5000 customers. Jet Box International is based in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago with an office in Miami, USA.



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